ALC - Aluminium Lighting Company

Lighting columns range

Our columns are available in three types, from 3-18m. 'Conical' is our
leading design, offering the strength of single-piece body construction, stability and passive safety in one great-looking, convenient product that
can be taken from enquiry to bulk delivery in a matter of days.

'Stepped' and 'Cylindrical' options are available for those wishing to specify
a type in keeping with an existing scheme. We also offer our revolutionary 'Echalon' hinge (4-6m) which can be raised and lowered single-handedly (without any additional equipment) for easy lantern maintenance.

All ALC lighting columns are designed to comply to the following

BS EN 40-2:2004 General requirements and dimensions
BS EN 40-3-1:2000 Design and verification - Specification for characteristic loads
BS EN 40-3-2:2000 Design and verification - Verification by testing
BS EN 40-3-3:2003 Design and verification - Verification by calculation
BS EN 40-6:2002 Requirements for aluminium lighting columns.

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