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Echalon raise and lower column

Easy, safe, controlled single person operation of our Echalon raise and lower lighting column

The Echalon Mk III Hinge is essential in sites where columns are difficult to access and there is limited space. One person can operate the hinge comfortably. The hinge is carefully designed to assist the operator using it. The column itself is much lighter than steel columns.

Benefits from using our Echalon Mk III Hinge unit

Improved strength: we have greatly increased the capacity of the unit; this has been designed in, mainly for our export markets

Improved appearance: the contours of the hinge have been smoothed out; the logo laser etched on the doors

Easy to lift and raise: the hinge actually works with the operator when using the unit to both lower and raise the column; the tensioned spring takes the strain

Ease of operation: there are no removable parts; there is no additional bulky equipment needed

Safe working: the operator can safely work on the lantern with the folded column locked in the horizontal position

Use with most lanterns: the hinge can accommodate the vast majority of different lantern weights, including those in export markets

Cable routing: the cable passes safely through the centre of the hinge; there is no possibility of damaging the cable when raising or lowering the column

Long life components: all our springs are powder coated to extend their life

Anti vandal door bolts: fitted as standard

Ease of maintenance: we recommend light greasing when the hinge is lowered

Single or Dual bracket with a column height up to 6 metres.  



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