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Echalon Mk III Hinge - Technical Backup

Easy, safe, controlled single person operation of our Echalon Mk III Hinge

The Echalon Mk III Hinge is a self-contained unit that is bonded into a conical, stepped or cylindrical column. This provides all the benefits of our standard column range such as corrosion resistance, long design life, light weight, easily recycled and significant whole life cost savings.

Hinge cartridge specification

Increased mechanical strength: high quality casting processes and newly designed components give a strength rating of 66 kN.m (roughly equivalent to hanging a lantern weight of 6.6 ton on a hinged column).

Locking mechanism: the rear structural door securely locks the column in the folded position so it cannot spring back up during lantern maintenance

Counter balance spring: the powerful spring works with the operator to both lower and raise the column

Adjustable spring loading: the counter balance spring can be easily adjusted on site to accommodate the vast majority of different lantern weights

Cable routing: the cable goes through the centre of the hinge cartridge; as it is completely isolated from any moving parts there is no chance of damaging the cable when raising or lowering the column..

  Echalon Hinge


The superior design takes into account operation and maintenance. The hinge unit is self-contained, components do not need to be removed to operate the mechanism. Also there is no additional bulky equipment required to operate the hinge. We recommend a light greasing of moving parts when the hinge is lowered.

Column specification

Elongated Press Stressed Inner Tube: this increases the wall section by 100% from the base of the hinge cartridge down to below ground level; this is fully compliant with a Type 5 pressed stressed inner tube in the EN 40 standard

No welds in the column structure nor build: welding applies localised heat which can affect the structure and weaken the metal

Corrosion resistant: when aluminium is exposed to the air, the surface oxidises and forms a protective boundary layer; this slows down oxidisation to a negligible effect in most circumstances

High quality decorative finishes: anodised, painted or powder coated finishes are available.

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