ALC - Aluminium Lighting Company

The best choice material

Save lives, save money, save the environment. That's how we at ALC sum
up the benefits of using aluminium as a construction material for lighting columns and other items of street furniture.

Aluminium is corrosion-resistant so it lasts longer, even near the
seaside, and our columns have a 50 year design life (with a track record
in the ground exceeding that). It requires minimal ongoing maintenance so
it costs less. It has a lower carbon footprint to produce and process as
a material and due to its reduced weight creates less carbon in transport
and installation. It's also more passively safe, reducing the risk of death
and serious injury in traffic collisions.

At ALC, we use 6000 series aluminium alloy (ALMgSi 0.5 F22) single extrusions for our columns, without any welds or joins..
Saving money now and in the futre