ALC - Aluminium Lighting Company


William Edwards Bridge, Pontypridd

ALC was commissioned to supply street lighting on the approaches to the iconic William Edwards Bridge in Pontypridd.  Built in 1756, it held the record for the longest single span bridge in the world – longer than the Rialto in Venice.  The Bridge is well-known as a symbol of the town.
The Council wanted to celebrate the 250th anniversary of the Bridge.  We were asked to enhance the area around the Bridge to make it even more of a feature.
We decided to incorporate the specific distinctive design features of the Bridge in a range of brackets.  The three holes in the supports of the arch were not only aesthetically pleasing.  They were structurally important as they reduced the weight of the Bridge, which had caused previous version to collapse.
We modelled the design in aluminium using Finite Element Analysis.  We came up with double and single formats to allow flexible use for a variety of lanterns.  We manufactured the brackets at our workshop.   Placed on top of our brushed columns they are fitting tribute to an elegant architectural landmark.




William Edwards Bridge